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#65- Can we talk about the little things?

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first off, kermit and i would like to wish you HAPPY EARTH DAY!

earth day should be a day of reflection; how much are we taking from this planet, and how much destruction are we wrecking on our home? this is our ONE planet and if we expect to remain healthy, we have got to ensure our home's health as well.

okay, so this is an international concern, a truly global affair, and yes, al gore is right--we are in desperate need of politcal activism to keep the earth green. BUT, that doesnt mean there isn't stuff YOU as the INDIVIDUAL can do to help. the little things won't add up unless you try.

obviously, there is common sense stuff you can do. For starters, avoid littering. be less wasteful. also, ride a bike, take a walk, its absolutely gorgeous outside...avoid using cars. and if you have to use a car, well, carpool dammit. be sure to turn off appliances and lights whenever possible. get leaks fixed now, rather than later. remember, water is a finite resource as well. try and use non-toxic cleaners in your house, if not for our planet's sake, than for your own. avoid aerosols. shop in bulk, avoid throwing out a lot a lot a lot of plastic bags. when you are doing a load of laundry, make sure it's full, please. and of course, be sure to recycle recycle recycle.

the most important thing to remember is, if you are going to make earth day really count, everyday has to be an earth day.

your assignment: take an earth day picture and post it in the comments. what does earth day mean to you? do we really have to care about our environment? discussion is encouraged.
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