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we all want to change the world
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We appreciate stuff. The big stuff as well as the little stuff that people might miss. A silly quote, a stupid speech, a photograph, a song, anything. Pop culture is what we love.

Everything you need to know.
Everything is fairly easy and simple. Please give that a read when you join and before you post. Questions? Please direct them to the aforelinked post by commenting.

"his accidency", aaron burr, allusions to everything, amelie poulain, conspiracy theories, democracy is poison, distasteful elitism, european spelling, every kind of passion, every language ever, existentialism, google images, gypsies/bohemians, keeping off the crack, laughter, making up words, martin van ruin, mollusks (mostly whelks), nike of samothrace, non-sequiturs, not the college board, o. henry, oscar wilde, people in general, people who 'get it', people who can't sing/dance/spell, poetry, political humor, resistentialism, rhetorical devices, roy cohn, sarcasm/wit, stop being so defensive!, sumner-brooks incident, the "game", the antarctican dream, vermonty python, visual aids, what makes people tick, wikipedia's journalistic integrity