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Although you may have observed strong political themes here in blackmailqueen, you may post pretty much anything you want--anything that intrigues you or instills passion of any kind in you. This includes but is not limited to: observations, pictures, articles, quotes, events, poetry, prose, philosophies, political standpoints, analyzations on anything, epiphanies, dreams, etc. Post what's on your mind. If, after you've read the rules, you are still confused about whether you should post something or not, although you can ask by commenting here, post it anyway!

These are just to make things simpler and to prevent any drama, really.
1. a. Post whatever you want to, really. Anything that incites any sort of passion in you (love, anger, etc.) is what we want to hear about.
b.Don't be afraid of posting. That is why this community is here.
c. Please, however, if you post something that you did not create, give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism is completely unfair and wrong. Nobody's gonna vouch for you if you get into trouble, sorry.
2. Please use your discretion while typing and use correct grammar to the best of your ability, as well as the conventions of standard English and all that unless spazzing about the greatness of Alexander Hamilton.
3. Here is your format for posting (just because it makes things easier):

IN THE SUBJECT LINE: Write the number of your post (Example: #1). A general subject having to do with your post is also appreciated.
IN THE POST: LJ-CUT will be your best friend. Any large pictures or text, or more than two pictures must be under a cut. Anything graphic must be under a cut, including a disclaimer outside of the cut.
ALSO: If you feel like your post should be friends only, you are allowed to make it friends only (meaning only the members in the community can see the post).

4. We like introductory posts! They make us feel all fuzzy inside. Tell us a bit about you when you join and how you found us, if you'd like.
5. Please don't promote rating communities or anything of the sort here.
7. If you have sex, you will get pregnant and die.
8. Have fun. Keep the negativity to yourself, unless you want to have an intellectual debate or something. Be safe and all that.

NB: Just because we post certain things here, doesn't mean we're partisan! Example: the current layout (I mean, come on, he's an easy target, isn't he?). We respect all views and we expect you to do the same. We don't target any specific groups or anything--please don't get the wrong message! Everyone's funny at some point or other--both Democrats and Republicans, et cetera et cetera. So don't not join or make mean comments for that reason!

One more thing: Don't be afraid of posting anything, please. That sort of defeats the purpose of this community entirely. Am I sounding repetitive yet?

All questions, comments, and concerns may be directed here by commenting.
Get posting, kthnx.

Love us? Hate us? Want to blackmail us for real? Send your blackmail to:
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