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#68 - The Great Picture Post

HI. It's been some time.

I really have no idea of how this is going to work because it's stolen from another meme thing which was made for one person. Anyway.

You right there (yes you!):
Now that you have read this, even if it's fifty years from when I am typing it go and
-Take a picture of anything in your life right now. How you feel, what you're doing, where you are, a list you made, your bedroom walls, your favorite pair of shoes, your bookshelf, etc. Post it in the comments.
-Um, we're trying to make a chain here. So if someone starts, you post a picture in response to it. Any picture you have, as long as you think it's related somehow.
-Example: If someone takes a picture of his/her bedroom walls which are blue, you can reply to their comment with either your own bedroom walls or your blue shoes, or whatever you think you have that can flow somehow. If there's some correlation, you reply to their comment, even if the correlation is obscure. If you see one, you reply to that picture. If not, then make a new chain.
-Comments with words will be screened. Only pictures, please!
-IT HAS TO BE A PICTURE YOU'VE TAKEN. NOT BY ANYONE ELSE, BY YOU. I cannot stress this enough. Don't worry if it's not ~~supacool~~ photography because it doesn't have to be. That's not the point.
-You can reply to a really old chain.
-PLEASE PLEASE don't make pictures HUGE or tiny. Make them easy to see.
-Doesn't make sense? Bugger. I figured. and learn?
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